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Welcome to my corner of the web, where a love for automation meets a passion for perfecting the art of BBQ. As an aficionado in MEM, Enterprise Mobility, #Windows365, Identity, and the M365 security stack, I'm always knee-deep in code, tinkering with #MEM #MSIntune, and mastering #Powershell.

Join me on this nerdy adventure where we explore the intersection of technology and flavor, one efficient process and one mouth-watering grill recipe at a time!"

Adventures of the SysAdmin Chronicles!

Well here we are fellow Tech enthusiasts, to the opening post of my SysAdmin Chronicles. Join me as I embark on this journey into the digital wilderness, I find myself compelled to share my insights, anecdotes, and technical wisdom gathered over a decade-long struggle in the crazy realm of Information Technology.

You might be wondering, why even create a blog? To begin with, working as a sysadmin is more than just a job; it’s a way of life (no really it is!) a crazy quest, and perhaps even more so a battle in the ever changing world of technology. Though there are a variety of issues that arise every day, such as PEBCAK faults, ID10T failures, mysterious ghosts in users’ computers, and even the mystery of files suddenly walking out of a users cloud storage (hmm). The lonely sysadmin may go unnoticed at times, but when that mission critical file is recovered or network connectivity restored so your users can get back on social media, you truly are the unsung hero of the day.

This blog is my modest attempt to capture the journey of being a SysAdmin, to shed light on the multitude of experiences we’re exposed to—the highs, the lows, and everything in between. From heart-pounding troubleshooting sessions trying to get a service back online for THOUSANDS of Users, to the euphoria of successful system migrations.

The SysAdmin Chronicles, however, is more than simply a narrative; it’s a knowledge base, a haven for anyone lost in the maze of information about all things technology. I’ll be exploring the nuances of setting up and maintaining on-premises infrastructure as well as negotiating the turbulent waters of cloud migration, with an emphasis on the Microsoft Stack. Anticipate in-depth technical articles, detailed tutorials, and perspectives on state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies like Defender and Intune.

Having worked in the IT field for ten years, I have seen firsthand the revolutionary potential of technology, from the modest origins of on-premises servers to the virtually endless possibilities of the cloud. It’s now time to give back, to impart to other travellers in the digital wilderness the knowledge and insight I’ve gathered along the way.

Whether you’re a veterin sysadmin just seeking refuge in shared experiences or an enthusiast eager to dive into the mysterious world of IT, Welcome aboard!

Stay tuned for the adventures that lie ahead in the SysAdmin Chronicles!